Pilates Personal training at Suncoast Pilates is for individuals of all ages, body types and fitness levels. Pilates sculpts, tones, increases flexibility as well as improves strength and endurance, and incredibly can help improve one’s posture.  We look forward to adding YOU to our list of fit and fabulous clients. As you scroll down, you will see testimonials reflecting clients of all ages and achieving fitness goals from different perspectives. Be the “Biggest WINNER” in achieving your goals with Suncoast. Also, view our Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training testimonials.

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by Anne Doll on Suncoast Pilates
Suncoast Pilates has the whole area beat!

As a Fitness Professional and Instructor of over 25 years I have taken hundreds of classes, workshops, and trainings, enough to know what I want in a class and an instructor. Suncoast Pilates has the whole area beat. As you know quality instruction and professional behavior comes from the top down and the level of quality of the staff is reflected in their thorough training. The exercises are put together with thought and they flow in a methodical sequence. The participant level is taken into account and the instructors are vigilant about offering adaptions for both level intensity, injury prevention and modification. Classes are varied enough to keep the participants guessing and growing but structured enough to ensure a positive progression. The studio is friendly, clean and very accepting of all body types and ability levels. I take the group classes but with the attention to detail, I receive from the instructors I feel like I'm getting exclusive instruction. Lastly, the instructors are professional, focused and passionate about what they do which is more than I can say for a lot of other businesses. I’ve taken classes at other studios that just do not compare. Save yourself some time and irritation and just start here.

by Robert M. on Suncoast Pilates
I have worked with them for over 4 years. Highly recommend!

I have been practicing Pilates for over 10 years and have worked with Suncoast Pilates for 4 years. When I started spending a portion of the year in Florida, I initially selected them over the many options because the owner, Patricia, seemed to have trained all the other instructors I considered.Transitioning between studios is easy with Suncoast because while they are a Balanced Body studio, the instructors are well versed in the many variations. They were great at relating some of the different exercises to what I already knew. In the end, I got some new exercises in my repertoire.The other thing I really like is their ability to create a custom session that addresses a particular goal I might have for a day. You are not stuck with the same routine day after day. This is really the mark of a great studio, with instructors who are so experienced that they can pull from all their training to craft something unique.Finally, the facility is super nice with plenty of equipment, lots of natural light and very clean. I highly recommend them.

by Louise F. on Suncoast Pilates
Such a Find Here in Palm Harbor

This Pilates studio is awesome and is such a find here in Palm Harbor Florida. The equipment is varied and tons of it and the instructors are top. I am a retired Pilates instructor and this is one of the best studios I have seen. I would mark it among the best. The staff are very customer orientated and helpful. They go the distance to help you no matter what- even a rather picky customer like me.

by JoHanna W. on Suncoast Pilates
I Highly Recommend Suncoast Pilates

Suncoast Pilates is an amazing studio. Every instructor I’ve taken class with has been knowledgeable and professional. The studio itself is well equipped and very clean. I highly recommend Suncoast Pilates, there are classes and one on one sessions offered for every experience level. LOVE.

by Adrianna G. on Suncoast Pilates
I Have Never Felt Better!

Suncoast Pilates has the friendliest staff and is a clean, fully equipped studio. Patricia the owner is warm and welcoming, where you feel at home from the minute you walk through the door. There is so much variety from different equipment, to private or group classes. Since starting at Suncoast Pilates, it has helped my back issues immensely and I have never felt better! Highly recommend!

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