Pilates Personal training at Suncoast Pilates is for individuals of all ages, body types and fitness levels. Pilates sculpts, tones, increases flexibility as well as improves strength and endurance, and incredibly can help improve one’s posture.  We look forward to adding YOU to our list of fit and fabulous clients. As you scroll down, you will see testimonials reflecting clients of all ages and achieving fitness goals from different perspectives. Be the “Biggest WINNER” in achieving your goals with Suncoast.

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by Emma Kumley (visiting from Ocala) on Suncoast Pilates
Out of My Pilates Rut

What a great workout and such a treat to do a class with two of my best friends! I've been in a Pilates rut lately and I think you rescued me :).

by Elizabeth on Suncoast Pilates
Always a Great Session

This is a great studio in the Tampa Bay Area. Always have a great session with Patricia Massey Welter.

by Jeannie UK on Suncoast Pilates
My Body Thanks You

One of the beautiful aspects of the Pilates community is that you can meet fantastic, inspiring people from all around the world. Today, I had the privilege to visit Suncoast Pilates Studio in Palm Harbor, Florida. An amazing 2 hours spent with Patrica Massey Welter, owner and friend! Thank you! My body thanks you too for your care and sharing of your knowledge.

by Frank A. on Suncoast Pilates
Helped With My Back Pain

It's my fourth week here and do far so good. Patricia (owner and Master Pilates Trainer) has been fantastic. She is an excellent teacher, patient, knowledgeable and has made Pilates something I look forward to.

Having had back surgery and still having considerable pain, my surgeon recommended core strengthening- thus my pursuit of Pilates. I got lucky with finding Patricia and Suncoast Pilates Studio. It's a beautiful studio on US 19 behind Wendy's in Palm Harbor. Everyone is friendly and the place us meticulously clean.

Patricia works with me individually as well as with my wife. It has helped me with my back pain. The days after I do Pilates, I feel better! It's been very positive and I am hopeful I will continue to improve my cord strength and help my low back pain improve.

If you are considering Pilates, look no further!

by Norine Connetta on Suncoast Pilates
What a difference!

I have been interested in Pilates for a long time, but was never able to find an instructor that I felt comfortable with. I also have been seeking an exercise program that I could do with my husband, and again, the instructor is very important in making something like that work. Kenlie is absolutely perfect for us. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body so we can describe an ache, pain or problem, and she will always help us do the right exercise to overcome it. She knows exactly what cues to give us to get us to do the exercises correctly, and really for the first time ever, I feel like my form in an exercise discipline is correct. I have always had problems with flexibility, stiffness in the lower back and strength in my arms, and in the time we have been working with Kenlie, all have improved dramatically. I can touch my toes! I am convinced that Pilates is an important tool to deal with aging, and I can't think of anyone better than Kenlie to teach us that tool.

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