Pilates and CoreAlign Programs & Fees

The focus of Pilates can be summed up in three words – strengthen and stretch with control. Quality of movement is emphasized over quantity. 

Services at Suncoast Pilates include Private, Semi-Private and Group Pilates Equipment Classes. Private sessions (one client with one Pilates Instructor) offer an individually tailored workout utilizing the full system of the Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Guillotine, Barrels, Chairs, and Ped-o-Pull. By appointment.

Group Pilates Equipment Classes are available at select days and times weekly, with up to six clients with one Pilates Instructor using the Pilates Reformer / Tower / Chair and / or may include the CoreAlign. Pre-payment required.

Our Comprehensively Trained Pilates Instructors are rigorously trained professionals dedicated to enhancing our clients’ health. Private sessions are truly the best way to begin learning Pilates. 


Private Pilates Equipment and CoreAlign Sessions (50 minute sessions):

Tailored to each client’s needs, private sessions allow the client to work at their own level, and focus each session on specific needs and goals. The Comprehensively Trained Pilates or CoreAlign instructor will vary the workout, incorporating all the appropriate Pilates equipment to provide a personalized experience. Prepayment is required for all studio sessions. Please call 727-772-6772 to book all appointments.

 ALL PACKAGES have 60 day expiration. Please be sure of package purchase! No refunds.

Privates Session Type Cost Per Session Total Cost
Introductory Introductory Private Pilates or CoreAlign  $45 for Area Florida Residents Only $45 1st time only
(Please call (727) 772-6772 to sign up for an Intro Session!)
1 Single Private Session $75  $75 
4 Four (4) Privates Session Package $67 $268
 6  Six (6) Private Session Packages   $65  $390

Semi-Private Pilates Equipment or CoreAlign (50 minute sessions):

Semi-Privates consist of equally skilled partner(s). Bring in a friend, partner, spouse or co-worker to work out. One instructor per two, three or four participants scheduled at same time(s) / day(s) weekly. Semi-Privates pre-registration and prepayment required. If only one participant is able to attend a scheduled session, single participant is required to pay as private session for that day. Please call 727-772-6772 to book all sessions. ALL PACKAGES expire in 30 days. Please be sure of package purchase! No refunds.

Semi-Private Session Type Cost Per Session Total Cost
1 Single Semi-Private Sessions $45 Per Person $45 Per Person
4 Four (4) Semi-Private Session Package  $37.50 Per Person Per Session $150.00 Per Person
 6  Six (6) Semi-Private Session Package   $35.00 Per Person Per Session  $210.00 Per Person

Group Pilates Equipment Classes are back with pricing from 4 class package for $128 to 8 class package for $240 . Up to six participants at select days and times weekly. Check out studio class schedule. Please call for information and to sign up at 727-772-6772.

ALL sessions require 12 hour cancellation notice via online . Please be sure of your commitment as there are no refunds,NO Holds on packages. Please note: ALL sessions, require prepayment at time of scheduling. Session packages must be paid for in full to receive package discount rate. All sessions are pre-scheduled by appointment.SIXTY day expiration on ALL packages.


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