December 16, 2017


Pilates is an exercise method based on the work of Joseph Pilates. Its focus is on strengthening the “powerhouse” to execute the exercises which are designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture. Pilates will lengthen and strengthen your muscles without the bulk. The method involves concentration and the coordination of movement and breath, thereby helping to balance mind and body.

For those seeking to work on on the Pilates equipment, we always suggest you start with private sessions. We want you to be familiar with your body’s strengths and needs and work correctly from the beginning. You will be introduced to the philosophy of Pilates, the terminology, and the different apparatuses. There’s a lot of information that needs focus in the beginning to help set up your platform for your future training.

For best results, two to three times a week is what we suggest to our new clients. Pilates is like a language, consistency is the key.

Clothing that’s comfortable and not too loose. For Pilates equipment training socks are required but you don’t need shoes. For training on the CoreAlign, we suggest pliable athletic shoes. For men we suggest pants or very long shorts and a t-shirt.

Making an accurate appraisal should take several sessions to know if Pilates is right for you. Pilates is not only a physical discipline but one that incorporates an attendant philosophy; an awareness of both is the most effective way to make a decision.

Suncoast Pilates has some of the most highly trained, most highly certified and most experienced Pilates instructors in the Tampa Bay area, and has been in business eighteen years. It is important to know how your instructor was trained and certified and with whom your instructor has studied as well the length of time an instructor has been teaching Pilates. An instructor who has studied with one of the few living Pilates Elders brings the highest level of training to the client. Suncoast has some of the few Tampa Bay area instructors who have studied directly with one of the Pilates Elders who worked directly for and with Joseph Pilates himself. All of our Pilates instructors are also Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates trainers, or will soon be sitting for the exam, an industry distinction above and beyond the instructor’s original Pilates certification. Suncoast instructors conduct safe, effective workouts, each session tailored to the individual. All Pilates training is NOT alike!

We look forward to your call. Know if we are training, we cannot answer the phone. Calls are gererally returned at the end of the day from 6pm to 9pm. Please leave your evening contact number. We also welcome weekend calls after 1pm. The studio phone forwards to the studio manager on evenings and weekends, which is an excellent time to talk in detail regarding your needs. Note: any cancellations after 9pm or for sessions before Noon must be done ONLINE.

Pilates is a mind and body workout, which requires focus and concentration. We ask that once you enter our studio please leave your life outside for an hour. Please turn off your cell phone. Come prepared to engage your mind in your workout. Feeling your own body’s natural rhythm and breath is important. More is not more. Less is more. You will look leaner, feel taller, feel a sense of empowerment and well being afterward. Let your mind and body do the work. Allow the practice of Pilates to do the work, and you will see the results. Suncoast is not a gym. Come into our world of Pilates.

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