November 20, 2017


SandySandy is a Certified Power Pilates instructor, since December 2012, after 18 months of study and over 1000 hours of studio work. She continues her Pilates education with Balanced Body and is training in the CoreAlign. A double knee replacement in 1999 put her in touch with Pilates. Sandy was skiing 6 months after her surgery. Continuing to work on back and neck problems, Sandy was amazed at the restorative power of Pilates. Her training allows her to focus on the restorative aspects of building strength from within, allowing the body to heal itself by building muscle memory to support the core, create space between the vertebrae, lengthen the skeletal muscles and build flexibility. She has worked with lower back and knee issues, people with Parkinson and MS, as well as all levels of group and private instruction. Her belief in the restorative benefits of Pilates for body, mind, and spirit is her greatest asset. She joins the staff at Suncoast Pilates in September 2017, with prior work experience in a private studio in Phoenix and 3 years at Lifetime Fitness. Sandy works with a wide range of clients and personalities.

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